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The Sound Studies Initiative at UAlberta is proud to work with the following affiliated labs:

Alberta Phonetics Lab

Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts
Research Associate: Benjamin V. Tucker

The Alberta Phonetics Laboratory is a collaborative space affiliated with the Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics and the Language Documentation Research Centre. The lab focuses on speech perception in general and explicit pattern recognition models of speech perception in particular. Another focus is the investigation of phonetic details typical of spontaneous speech, specifically speech reduction. The lab also has laboratory phonology and experimental testing of linguistic and psycholinguistic hypotheses.

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Bel Canto Vocal Acoustics Laboratory

Campus Saint-Jean
Research Associate: Laurier Fagnan

The Vocal Acoustics Laboratory focuses on studies that deal primarily with the acoustics of the singing voice, focusing specifically on choral singing. Other subjects include the energy and health of the speaking voice in various settings, and standardization and correction of linguistic accents.

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Bioacoustic Unit

Faculty of Science
Research Associate: Erin Bayne

The Bioacoustic Unit is a collaboration between the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute and the Bayne Lab at the University of Alberta. The Bioacoustic Unit is the authority on best practices for using acoustic technology in the province, providing services to support the application of acoustic technology.

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Electro Acoustic Research Studio (EARS)

Faculty of Arts
Research Associate: Scott Smallwood

Located in the Fine Arts Building in Studio 2-7D, the Electroacoustic Studio is a state-of-the-art facility for teaching, composition, and performance of electroacoustic music. The studio has historically significant equipment as well as the latest technologies, and has space for setting up ad hoc systems or supporting small group rehearsals.

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Mechanical Engineering Acoustics and Noise Unit (MEANU)

Faculty of Engineering
Research Associate: Corjan Buma

The Mechanical Engineering Acoustics and Noise Unit (MEANU) was founded in 1984, and is a part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. MEANU is the only full-scale Canadian acoustics laboratory directly associated with a university, and is used for educational and research purposes as well as commercial testing.

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Songbird Neuroethology Laboratory

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science
Research Associate: Christopher Sturdy

Research in the Songbird Neuroethology Laboratory seeks to develop a comprehensive understanding of songbird communication by studying behaviour and the neural systems controlling behaviour. The lab is equipped with 20 operant chambers designed to test auditory perception and cognition in small birds.

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