In February, Edmonton’s Colectivo 97 will present two of the most important compositions in Latin American music history: Canto Para Una Semilla and Cantata Santa Maria De Iquique. Both compositions will be performed by Colectivo 97 and were created by the notable Chilean composer, Luis Advis, in 1969.

About the Program

Colectivo 97 have combined the musical talent, experience and knowledge of their members to put together two musical cantatas that pay tribute to the art and legacy of Chilean poet, composer, folklorist, and visual artist, Violeta Parra. These pieces also urge us to remember the historical industrial dispute that ended with the massacre of nitrate miners in the northern Chilean city of Iquique in 1907.

Arranging the performance of these two cantatas has been a dream come true for the musicians, readers, and technical team of Colectivo 97. As with any art project, our preparation of this material was full of diverse challenges as well as moments of profound beauty.

We hope you join us in sharing the experience of Canto Para Una Semilla and Cantata Santa Maria De Iquique!

What: Colectivo 97 presents Canto Para Una Semilla & Cantata Santa Maria De Iquique
Where: Royal Alberta Museum in Glenora – 12845 – 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Cost: $25
Contact: For tickets, please contact (780) 934-4605 or (780) 850-4915


About Colectivo 97

Colectivo 97 is a blend of three generations of musicians who cultivate the folk music of South America in its various expressions.The ensemble of musicians performing today brings together community members from several countries of origin and various professions and trades, who all share a love for popular art that comes from the people, to the people.

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