Virtual Museum of Canadian Traditional Music

The Virtual Museum of Canadian Traditional Music (VMCTM) is an online resource for students, teachers and the public. It tells the stories of Canadians and their music, using educational stories and an extensive collection of digital resources including images, video and audio. The VMCTM is accessible in both French and English.

Andersons Playing Fiddle on New Years

Gilbert and Lawrence Anderson play at a New Year’s party. Source: VMCTM, Northern Alberta Fiddle Collection.

This interactive museum features a variety of narratives from Canadian musical history, including a collection of classic Canadian songs, the journey of South Asian music in Alberta, an overview of Ukrainian roots music in Canada, and the history of fiddling in Northern Alberta. The site also offers a selection of related learning resources, including teacher’s notes and activities for classroom study for grades 1-7.

Funded by a grant from the federal Department of Canadian Heritage through the University of Alberta Museums and Collections, this project was co-produced with assistance from our former initiative, folkwaysAlive!, and in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Records and the Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology, this online resource includes digital collections provided by Smithsonian Folkways Records, the Alberta Fiddle Collection (collected by Rod Olstad and David Stark), Ukrainian Folklore Archive (collected by Brian Cherwick), South Asian Archive (collected by Regula Qureshi), and Ismaili archive (collected by Karim Gillani).

The VMCTM is part of the Virtual Museum of Canada, the largest source of online content and experiences shared by large and small Canadian museums and heritage organizations. These online exhibits explore history, culture, science and the arts, and feature fascinating stories and treasures from communities across the country.

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